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There Is No Data, Only Zii

Espresso is inquisitive So the news is flying that Nintendo has trademarked a few new names in Japan including Zii, Cii, Bii, Oii, and Yii over the last two years, and of course some people are jumping to conclusions that there are all possible names for future Nintendo hardware despite the fact that there is no such information supporting that theory.  Kombo has a summary of what's really going on with these Wii-like names.

It's suspected that this is more a matter of Nintendo trying to cover all its bases, perhaps fending off imitators and wannabes, though Siliconera notes "Creative Labs is also working on a Zii of their own, a handheld stem computer running Android."  

It's all a conspiracy of tasty secrets wrapped in an enigma and smothered in secret sauce.  Zii is actually the codeword for "high definizion".  Don't believe the lies!