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Quick Change With the embargo lifted today, those who have an early look at The Saboteur from Electronic Arts for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC are talking about special downloadable content available on release date next week that adds adult content into the adventure.  Dubbed "The Midnight Show", this DLC removes the clothes from the women in the strip clubs, enables protagonist Sean Devlin to hide from enemies inside brothels, and allows him to enjoy private dances from the now-topless ladies.  Stephen Totilo speculates that this whole thing is a ploy to keep the game selling new copies as opposed to used copies or rentals, as new copies include a coupon voucher that allows players to download the DLC for free, while others must pay $5 $3 to remove the digital pasties, as it were.

[T]he fact that it is free to those who do purchase the game new and find that card suggests that the Midnight Show may be designed to incentivize consumers of new copies of the game, as opposed to those who buy it used. After all, it is probable that used copies of the game would not include the card for the free download, because it would likely already have been used. If that's the case, it winds up being similar to day-one free DLC for games such as Gears of War 2, which offered free multiplayer maps through a redemption code. It could be another salvo against used game sales at places like GameStop.

What really struck me as funny is that the game goes out of its way to inform players of The Midnight Show if it hasn't been downloaded when the adventure begins.  I'm reminded of the stereotypical creepy guy that stands in front of strip clubs while calling out to passerby about the existence of nude women inside the establishment for some reason.  Offering the adult-oriented DLC is one thing, but for the game to metaphorically jab the player in the ribs and wink "Eh?  Eh?" is another.  As far as the sales ploy goes, I think that anyone who really wants to see rendered topless women on a used copy of the game that badly will have no problem coming up with five three dollars more for the privilege.  When the price of a used copy drops to $45 or less in a few months, players still come out ahead in the end even with the extra lap dance fee.