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Stargate Resistance While still struggling to get the long overdue Stargate Worlds out the door and into the marketplace, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has announced something of a stopgap Stargate game to hold players over and bring in a little of that sweet, sweet revenue stream.  Third-person action online multiplayer title Stargate Resistance is coming for the PC during the first quarter of 2010.  Here's a few of the details from Gateworld:

Resistance will let players take on the role of Stargate Command or the Goa’uld System Lords, with the fate of the galaxy in the balance.  There are six character classes:  Soldiers, Commandos, and Scientists on the S.G.C. side, and Goa’uld, Jaffa, and Ashrak assassins on the side of the System Lords.  Each class will come with its own unique blend of weapons, items, and weaknesses.

Players will be able to work with teammates in three multiplayer modes (up to 16 players at once): “Team Death Match,” “Capture the Tech,” and “Domination.”  Additional game modes are planned for release shortly after the game’s launch.

It seems to me that Cheyenne has repurposed character models and textures created for Stargate Worlds to develop Stargate Resistance in a bid to generate some income as soon as possible in order to prop up the failing studio.  The game's creative director, Chris Klug, claims that Resistance is a secret project that has been in the works for some time alongside Worlds, but I just can't shake the feeling that we're looking at a game that has come together very, very quickly in order to stave off angry investors left holding the empty bag.  Just how quickly has Resistance apparently come together?  Check out the official FAQ that details which elements one would expect to find are to be excluded at launch, such as support for gamepads and in-game voice chat.  Resistance could very well turn out to be a fantastic experience, but let's not hide behind some secretive master plan.  This has to be a quickie cash-in title at heart.  Here's hoping that it's more than the sum of its parts.