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More Uncharted 2 Co-op Multiplayer Possibly On The Way

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Nathan Drake fans rejoice!  Developer Naughty Dog is apparently going against their previous statements that any future new multiplayer content for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Sony PlayStation 3 would not include co-operative maps, as G4 has word in a very interesting interview that due to co-op mode's popularity, there talk of adding new Survival and Gold Rush arena challenges.  Best of all, there's additional discussion underway regarding new objective-based co-op.  Why merely discussions and not full-tilt progress?  The objective segments require more than just new map design.

"The objective-style co-op that we have where we have those little narrative moments... it's something that we are considering and we'd really like to do, but it's a much, much bigger investment of time because we have to do a lot of motion capture with the actors and record a lot of voices. So we would absolutely want make sure that we talk to our community and make sure there was the proper demand for it."

If Naughty Dog happens to be listening, consider this my vote for more objective-style co-op.  I am outmatched and outgunned in every deathmatch mode that Uncharted 2 has to offer, but there's nothing better in this game than teaming up with two friends and shooting our way through hordes of enemy grunts together.  So, get the band back together and do what you have to do to make it happen.  I bet that most dedicated co-op players would be willing to kick in a few dollars at the PlayStation Store when the time comes if that's what it takes.  I know I would.

(via Kotaku)