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Mega Man 10 It looks like Capcom's Mega Man 9 was the rousing success we all thought it was, as the company has revealed the WiiWare sequel also done in the old Nintendo Entertainment System style, the aptly-named Mega Man 10Nintendo Power is the scene of the announcement with details such as early plot information about a robot vaccine of some sort, playable Proto Man, a third secret playable character, a stage based on computer elements, a fresh ice-based level, and the first look at a new Robot Master.  Are you ready for Sheep Man and his deadly Thunder Wool weapon?  Stop laughing!  This is serious business.

Easily the strangest of the Mega Man 10 bosses, Sheep Man does, indeed, look like a set of robot arms and legs attached to a fluffy sheep... or possibly a cloud.  In fact, Sheep Man can turn himself into four clouds that hover overhead and attack from above.  When you defeat him, you'll earn the Thunder Wool, which floats up at an angle before releasing an electrical burst.  Perhaps the boss is an homage to Phillip K. Dick's sci-fi novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I can't decide if Sheep Man is an example of brilliant genius or scraping the bottom of the Robot Master barrel.  I mean, honestly, Thunder Wool?  Is Capcom openly parodying their franchise's bizarre elements?  Either way, more classic Mega Man is always a good thing and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.  Nintendo Power isn't going to mention if the game is also bound for Sony's PlayStation Network and the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade, but I'd guess that we'll see the blue bomber turn on up on those services as well.  Get your weapons ready!

Mega Man10

Mega Man 10 

Mega Man 10