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Mega Man 10 In Motion

Mega Man 10 Why settle for grainy scans of low resolution screenshots of Capcom's upcoming Mega Man 10 for Nintendo WiiWare, Sony PlayStation Network, and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade when you can take in over thirty minutes of direct feed video of the game in action?  The Mega Man Network has a collection of footage from the character's "birthday party" hosted by his creator, Keiji Inafune.  Head on over to the Network to see playthroughs of Sheep Man's stage (which turns out to be the stage based around computer technology, such as mouse cursors that attack by clicking and dragging), Commando Man's stage, the desert-based stage, and more.  Meanwhile, here's the game's official Japanese promotional trailer (Kotaku has the English version):

Just as with Mega Man 9's trailer, the unannounced Robot Masters can be seen in silhouette. I imagine we're in for a long period of teasing as the remaining six bosses are slowly unveiled. Unless, of course, some magazine or website spills the beans all at once.  As for the 10 trailer itself, does anyone else notice that the tall tower shown in the beginning of the video is the same tall tower from the opening sequence of Mega Man 2?