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Mega Man 10 Coming In March 2010; Commando Man Revealed

Commando Man The news just keeps getting better for Capcom's recently revealed Mega Man 10.  Aside from the news that the game is due on Nintendo's WiiWare service in March 2010 (just a Stone Man's throw away), the second Robot Master has been announced: Commando Man.  The Mega Man Network has a bunch of additional information about the anticipated game including news of Robot Masters based around ice, desert, and sports.

  • Expect a new ice-themed boss who dominates a glacier stage. It’s filled with snowmen with exploding heads and ice blocks which break if shot or touched.
  • A sewer stage is home to new slug-like Metools.
  • A stadium stage contains sports-themed foes like baseball throwing robots, and a soccer goalie mid-boss.
  • A desert stage acts as one of the more difficult areas as sandstorms obscure your vision.
  • The famous Yashichi item returns, and refills Mega's life and weapon energy completely.
  • The shop returns from MM9.
  • MM10 features difficulty settings: Easy mode is said to make the game’s difficulty more "in line with Mega Man 2", while hard mode is there for who want a real challenge.
  • The game will contain multiple modes, achievements, challenges, leader boards, and downloadable content.
  • Unfortunately, there won't be a female Robot Master this time around.
  • MM10 is looking to release some time in March 2010.

I'm shocked that Mega Man 10 is coming to us so quickly.  Capcom has certainly been playing this one close to the vest to keep it a secret for so long (either that or it's had a rapidly short development time). We've only seen two new Robot Masters so far, but just as Mega Man 9's collection of bosses, I'm seeing a few similarities in Sheep Man and Commando Man to Robot Masters from previous adventures.  Commando Man has a distinct Search Man vibe going on (must be the big gun and broad shoulders), while Sheep Man has a bit in common with Toad Man in terms of basic shape and design.  Not a complaint.  Just an observation.

(via Protodude's Rockman Corner)