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Tuper Tario Tros. Have you ever played Nintendo's classic Super Mario Bros. and thought to yourself, "Hey, this game needs more falling blocks!"?  Newgrounds member Swing Swing Submarine has answered your calls by combining the great taste of Super Mario with the less filling qualities of Tetris to produce Tuper Tario Tros., a single level proof-of-concept demo that requires switching between traditional Mushroom Kingdom antics and slowly dropping tetrads in an attempt to reach the goal.  It's a fun little demo that gets a little slow in the middle, but make sure that you stick around long enough to jump on to the flagpole at the end of the level.  There's a fun post-game puzzle that mixes things up a little.  While I don't think this gameplay idea would work as a full game, it would have made a dynamite addition to 2006's Tetris DS.

(via Waxy)