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Gizmondo, EyeToy, And n-Gage Among Worst Gadgets Of The Decade

EyeToy It's been a wild ten years, so as 2009 draws to a close, Gizmodo has taken a look back at fifty of the worst gadgets to reach the market since the dawn of the twenty-first century and eleven dishonorable mentions.  While most of the items held up for pointing and laughing are misguided Internet gizmos, a few familiar gaming products are keeping company with the online-capable refrigerator and the combination Taser/MP3 player.  Let's say a final "haw-haw!" at the Tiger Telematics Gizmondo, Nokia n-Gage, Nintendo Game Boy Micro, and the Sony trio of PlayStation EyeToy, Universal Media Disc, and Memory Stick.

There were never more than eight PS2 games a year designed for the EyeToy, and the majority of those ended up being hugely unpopular. Whatever functionality it had was either limited or unappealing or both, and now the only new titles EyeToy owners are left with have names like EyeToy Play: PomPom Party. So maybe it's not all bad.

While there are some really dumb products on the list, plenty of them were just the first iteration of technology that would go on to become more refined and useful.  The EyeToy technology grew into the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3, for instance, which has become a staple of every... hmm, nope, sorry, never mind.