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Family Feud Whenever I see that a publisher has turned a television game show into a contemporary video game, I always come away with "Really?" as my only thought.  Games based on quiz shows never age well (and in some cases grow stale after the first round of play), but GameTek's Family Feud for the Super NES takes things to an entirely new level by playing fast and loose with the concept of correct and incorrect answers.  Check out this video full of hilariously bizarre wrong (sometimes coarse) responses that the game somehow considers to be correct.  See if you can find the method to the madness.

Have you figured it out?  The game is looking for the proper letters to the correct answer, but it doesn't care what other letters happen to get in the way.  How else could "I bathed Keanu Reeves" equal out to "baker"?  Or "beaver and duck expert" turn into "banker"?  Survey says that's one hell of a design decision.

(via Reddit)