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Nintendo Mobilizes Fans In Fight Against R4 Retailers

Weekly Poll: Snecessities

Weekly Poll for 11-2-2009Nintendo's recently announced DSi XL isn't winning many fans right out of the gate, but there does seem to be enough interest in the product to make it worthwhile for Nintendo to produce.  As for me, I'm going to need more information about it before I put down my $220, but considering that I haven't been swayed into buying a standard DSi yet, I think I may be a hard sell for the XL version.  The larger size is nice, but I'm not sure that it's my tipping point.  I'll be watching further developments though.

Moving on, maybe it's an anomaly, but I've noticed several people online saying the word "sness" when referring to Nintendo's 16-bit Super NES console as opposed to spelling out the acronym letters S-N-E-S like I am everyone that I know have always done.  How do you pronounce the term?  S-N-E-S, sness, or something else entirely?  Let's hear your thoughts (no matter how wrong they may be!).