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Weekly Poll: Lofty Mushroom Hopes

Weekly Poll for 11-09-2009So apparently pronouncing the acronym for the Super NES as "sness" is a United Kingdom thing, while "S-N-E-S" is centered in North America.  Now I'm wondering how other consoles are abbreviated and acronymized around the world.  Is there a place that speaks highly of a "Sega Genny"?  Where is the MSX actually shorthand for Microsoft's original Xbox?  What about Nintendo's "Geebee Advance"?  Now I finally understand why Nintendo chose to name their latest console "Wii" worldwide.  There's not much of a chance of messing up that pronunciation and it's already conveniently short.

Speaking of Nintendo, have you played New Super Mario Bros. Wii yet?  Is it everything that you hoped it would be?  Did it meet your expectations?  Or did the game leave you as cold as an Ice Flower?  Let's hear your thoughts (and don't even try to pronounce the game's acronym).