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Weekly Poll: Kremling Krusher

Weekly Poll for 11-23-2009There's overwhelming approval for New Super Mario Bros. Wii proving that most of you out there have good taste.  It met my expectations as well (and exceeded them in plenty of places), but considering that this game has a heck of a long shelf life ahead of it, I doubt we'll see a sequel this generation.  Why make a new installment when the previous one sells consistently for years and years?  Thank goodness there's enough material to explore and enjoy for quite some time to come.

Speaking of great Nintendo games, Donkey Kong Country turned fifteen years old this month.  Of the three original games in the trilogy; which is your favorite?  Feel free to consider the original Super NES versions, the lone Game Boy Color adaptation of the first game in the series, or the Game Boy Advance re-releases when you cast your vote.  Now, let's hear your thoughts on the matter.