Arranged Castlevania Musical Moment
Castlevania Music Remix Project Is One Damned Good Sonata

Weekly Poll: DSi XL-ent

Poll102609Batman takes the top spot over the Ghostbusters when it comes to which franchise starred in the better game this years.  As much as I enjoyed Ghostbusters: The Video Game, even I had to choose Batman: Arkham Asylum in the end.  It just managed to fire on more cylinders more often than the opposition, but it's worth pointing out again that both games are worth your time if you haven't experienced them yet.

Looking ahead, with last week's announcement of the upcoming king-sized Nintendo DSi XL, the immediate question worth asking involves whether or not you plan to buy one.  So, as of this moment with only some comparison photos and preliminary information to guide you, are you interested in purchasing a DSi XL?  Is an estimated $220 price tag too steep for you?  Do your large hands cry out for the ease of holding a larger object?  Or is this whole XL thing just a waste of time and retail shelf space?  Let's hear your thoughts.