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Dr. Mario and Nurse PeachUnfortunately, today is the day that I must hang a "be right back" sign on my virtual door, as I will be away from PTB for a week or two.  I've been dealing with ongoing digestive health issues for years, but back in 2007 things went especially wrong and I've been trying to bounce back completely ever since.  While the original hope was that my condition could be treated with medication, we've been seeing diminishing returns lately on that front and have come to the point where the only option left is surgery.

I'll be in the hospital for a short while in order to have a section of small intestine removed, so obviously I won't be around to share my thoughts on any breaking news that should occur during my absence.  I'm not going to leave you alone in the cold though.  I've prepared a series of articles that will auto-publish while I'm away, so continue to check in at PTB to see the latest.  I have a long road ahead, but the eventual destination should make it all worthwhile.  Besides, the recovery downtime will give me a chance to get around to that stack of games that I never can quite find the time to finish.  Look out, Mother 3, because I'm coming for you! 

- MattG