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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review At Kombo

Koopalings I believe that my review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii over at Kombo marks the first time that I've rated a game as an overall 10.  Honestly, I was that impressed and entertained with it.  Find out why by reading the aforementioned review.  Here's a taste:

Nostalgia aside, strip away the "Hey! It's _________!" moments from the game and one will find that there's still a solid adventure underneath. While the worst part of a Super Mario Bros. game is that it has to end eventually, here we have an example of a game that lasts just long enough to provide a solid challenge without wearing out its welcome. Moreover, the difficulty level really ramps up near the end of the game, giving us the most challenging Super Mario game in years. Perhaps it's the overabundance of extra lives and the new Super Guide system that aids struggling players in getting to the goal with real-time guidance gave Nintendo's creative time license to pull out all the stops. Even after the game seemingly ends, new challenges are unlocked, so while kicking the Koopas can be done in just a few days, there's enough to do in the post-endgame experience that'll keep seasoned players busy (and frustrated in a good way) for a while.

I'm still holding out hope for an eventual New game that follows on in the style of the original Super Mario Bros. 2, but in the meantime I am perfectly happy with this Super Mario Bros. 3 / Super Mario World homage.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to gather more elusive Star Coins.  World 9 isn't going to unlock itself.