A Boy, His Blob, And You
Another Sonic Compilation Waiting In The Wings?


Dr. Mario Back after a week away, I'm out of the hospital and working through the recovery phase of my surgery.  Everything went well during the operation and I'm at home for a month of rest.  I wasn't up to tackling Mother 3 during my six days in the hospital (which ended up being for the best as the Pocket Retro Gaming Emulator doesn't seem to like it), but I've started on New Super Mario Bros. Wii and finished the Challenge Mode of Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time with a few other things still on my to-do list, so the next few weeks should be just packed.  So: glad to be back, thank you for everyone who sent messages of support, and now it's back to my recliner for either a game or a nap.