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Bowser's Big Revenge

Bowser I've spent the past few days plowing through Nintendo's latest triumph — New Super Mario Bros. Wii — and while I haven't visited every level, collected all of the Star Coins, on blasted out of every cannon, I have made the trek through World 8 and stomped my way through Bowser's castle all the way to the fated final fight, and while my review of the adventure will be available over at Kombo in a day or three, right now I feel the need to gush about the fantastic final boss battle.  From here on are spoilers for the epic endgame encounter, obviously.

New Super Mario plays the nostalgia card plenty of times over the course of the game, what with the hammer bros. encounters on the world map from Super Mario Bros. 3 (complete with remixed battle theme!), Koopaling boss battles in line with Super Mario World, dancin' Koopa Troopas as seen in the original New Super Mario Bros., rideable Yoshi gameplay last found in Super Mario Sunshine, and the return of plenty of forgotten minor foes such as Spike, Rocky Wrench, Microgoombas, Fire & Sledge Bros., and even Fire Chomps, but my favorite returning element has to be Kamek the Magikoopa stopping by end-world boss battles to add an unstable element to the fight as he did in Yoshi's Island.  After assisting the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. throughout the game, the sorcerer turns up in a surprising way to offer Bowser an assist.  Check out this YouTube video of the action from Boo Mansion:

Everything begins traditionally enough with Mario destroying the bridge and sending Bowser crashing into the basement, but then goes awry when the charming "rescue the princess" moment aped from Super Mario Bros. 3 turns into Kamek's final act of interference. I actually jolted in my seat when giant Bowser leapt up from the depths, and I think it reflects highly on Nintendo's talented creative team when what could have easily been a phoned-in sequel instead surprises and shocks me with startling moments after all these years. I especially love the little moment where Kamek sticks around a little too long to admire his handiwork. See what loyalty to a despotic turtle king gets you?