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Back To The Future's DeLorean In Crysis

DeLorean Now that Ghostbusters and Batman have been featured in current generation powerhouse blockbuster titles, let us look to the future when the next great franchise deserving of an amazing video game.  I've been hoping and suggesting a modern Back to the Future game for ages, and I'm certainly not alone in that longing.  PC gamers have been hacking and modding Back to the Future elements into the hot games of the day for a while (remember seeing Doc Brown's DeLorean in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?), but now Crysis is the latest game to host everyone's favorite stainless steel time machine.  Check out this YouTube video of the iconic DeLorean undergoing temporal experiments.

Note how the car actually travels through time as night flashes to day and back again when the player is behind the wheel and — this is the really neat part — how when the player is an external observer, the DeLorean vanishes and only reappears when the player temporally catches up to it a moment later.  The car is even covered in ice when it reappears following the famous sonic booms.  I'm not a Crysis player, but now I think I want to be!