A Boy and His Blob Review At Kombo

Another Sonic Compilation Waiting In The Wings?

Sonic the HedgehogSega has learned that their collection of classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles from the Sega Genesis era are still the strongest parts of their hedgehog-related catalog, so it's hard to blame the company for taking those games and running with them forever and ever.  The latest rumor involving the return of the past comes via Kombo in which an unannounced Sonic Classics Collection featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic & Knuckles (and all the lock-on combinations therein).

It also contains a Sonic image gallery and a "History of Sonic" video, as well as a trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.  It's that last component which seems to be leading people to suspect that it, unlike every other Sonic collection out there, is made for the Nintendo DS. Others, however, wonder if this could be related to the leaked SEGA document from their talks with Sony, which spoke of a "Best of Sonic" Blu-ray that would contain "all of the old Sonic games" on a Blu-ray for nearly $100.  All I can really say is that the list hardly comprises "all" of the old Sonic games, and definitely not $100 worth at that; we've seen them offer so much more for so much less, so whatever that project is or might have been, it seems doubtful this is it as it stands.

Frankly, the idea that these four games make up a $100 Blu-ray disc for the Sony PlayStation 3 is insulting to everyone.  A DS compilation would be nice and makes more sense, but it still seems like too little, too late at this point.  Does anyone who fondly remembers the Genesis set of Sonic games not already own them in some re-released format by now?  This makes me think that this set — if it is for the DS — is actually aimed at newer, younger Sonic fans that have come into the series with the Sonic Rush titles and last year's Sonic Unleashed