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Zero We've known for a while that when Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars for the Nintendo Wii makes its North American debut next year in January that it will feature some additional characters compared to the original Japanese version.  With the roster filling up quickly, IGN has the news that fan-favorite hero Zero from the world of Mega Man will be a part of the action, bringing melee combat to the fight with his familiar Z-saber, trademark blond ponytail, and take-no-crap attitude.  Best of all (from my perspective, anyway) is that we're talking about the Mega Man X incarnation of Zero here (which has always been my favorite) instead of the Mega Man Zero version.  Here's some video of the red Reploid* in action.  You know that he's massively powerful because his attacks do billions of units of damage.  Those Tatsunoko anime guys don't stand a chance against him if he partners with the other blue bomber-related character in the roster, MegaMan Volnutt from Mega Man Legends.  Marvelous!

I'm glad to see that Capcom has taken my advice when it comes to adding the Mega Man X version of Zero to a Vs Capcom game (even if he's not squaring off against Marvel characters... yet).

* While Zero is technically not a Reploid, I like alliteration, so I'm sticking with the term.