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Weekly Poll: The Story On Page 1

Weekly Poll for 9-28-2009Most of you only carry a portable game system when you expect to have the time to play it, but how often do you really know that sort of thing in advance?  A proper window of opportunity may open at any time which is why I always carry one of my systems in my pocket when I go out.  I don't always have the chance to use it, but I also always carry a cell phone that I hardly ever use for calls, so at least I'm always ready for action.

Moving on, we're headed into the big holiday gaming season when all kinds of digital entertainment will demand your attention.  Some of these games feature complex storylines while others just establish a basic premise on the first page of the instruction manual.  For every Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story that guides players on a complete story arc with a beginning, middle, and end, there's a New Super Mario Bros. Wii that establishes an initial premise — rescue the princess! — and then turns players loose into the action.  How much story do you prefer in the games that you play?  Do you want the cinematic story experience with no loose end left untied?  Or does it not matter why the blocks fall in Tetris?  Let's hear your thoughts.