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Maybe This Whole Wii Thing Is Not For You

Weekly Poll: Speak Up

Weekly Poll for 10-12-2009 The vote was close on the Super Guide issue, but in the end most of you don't plan on using Nintendo's new assistance option, but you're glad to know that it's there.  As for me, I'm only expecting to use if it I'm really stuck on something.  My Metroid Prime Omega Pirate situation is old news at this point, but it's still my prime example.  Retrying a failed level is part of what make video game so enjoyable, so while I don't want the system to skip over material for me after a single failure, I also don't want to retry dozens of times and never get any closer to success.  I'll gladly let the Wii take the lead for a moment if it'll get me past that situation.

Moving on, one of this console gaming generation's advances is inspiring the mainstream use of headsets and microphones to converse with other players during online multiplayer games.  This is great when playing with friends, but speaking to the unwashed masses is usually good only for learning new kinds of profanity and slurs.  How often do you use a headset when playing online?  Let's hear your thoughts.