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Weekly Poll: Dark Knight Versus Ghost Fight

Weekly Poll for 10-19-2009Online voice chat is the big thing this game console generation, and while plenty of you out there never speak to your fellow players, a decent chunk of you do.  Sometimes I'll use my headset when playing games with the unwashed masses that require teamwork and coordination, but I mostly just use it when playing with or against friends.  Have you ever met the random people out there?  There is more racist and profane garbage in their sentences than actual useful content.  Here's an example that manages to bury the needle on the jerkometer.  I was playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves last week against random people in the standard deathmatch mode, and against my better judgment I decided to use my headset to listen to what my opponents were saying.  Out of the ten of us playing the game, only one person actually spoke, and even then he only spoke once.  I had taken cover to return fire when I was suddenly executed with a single shot to the head at close range from behind, and immediately afterward my executioner said — and remember, this is the only thing that anybody said during the entire match — "Fuck your goddamn shit to hell, you asshole bastard!"  Stay classy, random PlayStation Network guy.  Thank goodness Uncharted 2 has a mute button for when the idiots run wild.

Moving on to more pleasant things, last week I called your attention to an editorial that compared the overall experiences between Batman: Arkham Asylum and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.  The article held Batman up high on a mighty pedestal, while Ghostbusters was buried under a pile of complaints.  In your opinion, which game is the better one?  There' no "both" option here to let you weasel out, either.  It's one or the other.  Choose and perish!