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Seven Minutes With Koji Kondo

Koji Kondo With a compositional history of dozens of video gaming's most beloved, iconic, and memorable songs, Nintendo's Koji Kondo is the man responsible for the music of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pilotwings, Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Yoshi's Island, and plenty of other fantastic games that make up the soundtrack of our digital lives.  1UP's Retro Gaming Blog has a clip of Kondo performing some of his greatest hits in concert as part of Video Games Live as well as a little commentary.  It's a captivating seven minutes in which Kondo performs selections from New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, Yoshi's Island (specifically, the kickass "Athletic" theme that I love so much), Super Mario Bros. 3, and other pieces that you will instantly recognize if you've spent any time in or near the Mushroom Kingdom.  It's soothing to know that no matter how bad a day may be, these timless compositions can always make me smile.