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PTB Celebrates 2,500 Entries

Wario As time and progress roll on we've come to another Press The Buttons milestone, meaning that it's time to celebrate the 2,500th blog entry with a look back at some of my favorite articles since we marked the 2,000th entry milestone.  A lot of things have happened here at PTB since we last met for this sort of occasion: a new design and layout for the blog launched, I've started twittering with new PTB articles and stray gaming-related thoughts, PTB articles are now available on the Kindle e-book reader, another E3 has come and gone, I got to wear a Ghostbusters proton pack, and someone finally made a Batman game worth playing.  Let's hit memory lane for a review of some of the best that PTB had to offer over the last 500 blog entries.

Previous Milestone Celebrations