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New Fat Princess Content Is Free

Fat Princess When Fat Princess for the Sony PlayStation 3 was released a while back, I jumped into the game only to jump back out before too long thanks to a crippling bug in the game wherein the titular princess would disappear from the game, turning it into an unwinnable exercise in frustration.  Now comes word that the developers at Titan Studios have finally fixed this bug and patched it in the new 1.03 version along with a number of other broken aspects and issues.  Best of all, to thank all of us who gnashed teeth over paying for a broken experience, the new patch comes with a new level.  Seemingly planned as paid downloadable content, New Pork is instead being given away for free.  Thanks to Titan for making things right (even if it did take a while).  Nobody in my online social circle plays Fat Princess anymore because of the missing princess bug.  Maybe now it'll get a second chance in the spotlight.  Still no news on the pirates and ninjas, incidentally.