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Rockman rocks out Despite Sony's touting of the downloadable future in the world of the Sony PlayStation Portable with the new PSP Go, UMDs still have a place in the world.  Specifically in Japan, as Capcom recently released Mega Man: Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X as budget-priced UMDs there along with selections from the soundtrack for both games on CD.  The CD comes in a package of its own, of course, along with some new awesome artwork of characters from both games rocking out.  The cutesy style of Powered Up is reflected in the kind of goofy joy one can only appreciate by seeing Time Man jamming on a keytar, Guts Man beating on the drums, and Roll tambourining her percussive best.  Then there's the Maverick Hunter X artwork in which Mega Man X and Zero have a dueling electric guitar act happening.  Protodude's Rockman Corner has high resolution scans of both images for your amusement.