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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Back For An Encore, So You'd Better Buy It This Time

Mega Man X We need to talk.  See, a few years ago Capcom updated its classic title Mega Man X into a modernized action platformer adventure complete with remixed music, updated visuals, recurring nemesis Vile as a playable character, and a bonus animated prequel movie.  This Maverick Hunter X for the Sony PlayStation Portable was fantastic, but you didn't buy it, meaning that those of us who did are now stuck in limbo waiting for a sequel that may never come.  Everybody is entitled to a second chance though, and considering that Capcom is re-releasing the title as a downloadable game for the PSP and PSPgo today in North America via the PlayStation Network, you have the opportunity to right your grevious wrong.  In order to kickstart your Maverick Hunter X experience, allow me to share some of my favorite selection from the game's soundtrack.  How can you possibly resist such musical awesomeness?