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Thanks Kim! Last month we all gawked at Best Buy's $129.99 installation service for the Sony PlayStation 3 in which the store's Geek Squad would come to your home and hook up the PS3 and update the console's firmware.  Now, $129.99 is very steep for this kind of service, but luckily Best Buy has other tiers of similar options available.  For instance, if you buy a new Microsoft Xbox 360 from the retailer, you can pay an extra $29.99 to have the firmware updated.  The Consumerist has the details on this latest "service".

Bryan sent us this photo he shot at a local Best Buy that shows a helpful employee named Kim has opened an Xbox 360, hooked it up to the internet and pressed the "X" button, downloading the latest system update. For all this hard, un-requested work, she also added $29.99 to the sticker price.

For that comparatively low cost, however, it's up to you to figure how to take the Xbox 360 home and plug it into the wall.  No, no, son, you have to plug that pronged thingee into the electrical outl... the holes, son, plug it into the holes in the wall.  No, that's a phone jack.  Listen, son, maybe this whole Xbox thing isn't for you.  Here, take this shiny red ball instead.  Perhaps you'd like to bounce it.