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Maybe This Whole Wii Thing Is Not For You

Mario Party 8 (some assembly required)Over the past few weeks we've had some fun with Best Buy's bizarrely pointless upsells when it comes to installing and updating Sony PlayStation 3s as well as Microsoft Xbox 360s, so it seems only fair to highlight one of the company's overpriced unnecessary services for the Nintendo Wii.  As the sticker on the Mario Party 8 box seen here promises, it's possible for a Geek Squad agent to install the game on your Wii console.  Considering that Wii games do not install to a hard drive, the full extent of this installation process must be to simply insert the disc into the Wii's slot.  Once again, if you can't figure out how to do this for yourself, then maybe this whole Wii thing is not for you.  Best Buy claims that the sticker is on the box in error, but I think that they're just embarrassed at being caught offering this needless service.