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Kombo Breaker - Episode 47: Phil Kollar and Dave Rudden Join Us

Kombo BreakerWhen I was a kid and young teen, I subscribed to three video gaming magazines: Nintendo Power (which was a necessity for those of us who grew up with Nintendo products), Electronic Gaming Monthly (which eventually swelled to hundreds of pages in size, god bless it), and GamePro (which never quite hit the heights that the others did for some reason, but it did have reviewer Scary Larry).  This week on Kombo Breaker we sit down with Phil Kollar of Game Informer and Dave Rudden of the aforementioned competing publication GamePro to discuss how print and online media differ and where the future of gaming journalism is headed.  Download this week's show directly from Kombo or subscribe via iTunes.  Forgive me if I sound sleepy during the show, as we recorded this episode late at night.  It was a challenge waking up to go to work the next morning, and playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with my fellow podcast panelists Joey and Brad for a few hours afterward didn't help things either.