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It's Not Too Late To Preorder EarthBound 64

EarthBound 64 The Internet gaming community has been so crazed with getting Nintendo's Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance officially released in North America that it completely missed the news that the Nintendo 64 iteration of the EarthBound franchise, EarthBound 64, is somehow still floating around in the development cloud.  I've spent the last ten years believing that the game had been canceled, but apparently it's been in secret development all this time!  I mean, what other reason could there be for Half.com's fantastic opportunity to preorder the long-forgotten EarthBound 64 and — this is even more of a coup — the EarthBound 64 add-on for the Nintendo 64's ill-fated 64DD disc drive.  EarthBound Central has the momentous news.  Score!

The “EarthBound Expansion Disk” that’s on there is also referring to the old so-called “MOTHER 3.5″. When EarthBound 64 was moved from the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive to just a regular cart, the developers decided that they’d also have an expansion disk that you could use if you had the 64 Disk Drive. There weren’t many details given about what it would actually do, but the idea quickly vanished from people’s memories. So it’s interesting to see it here after all these years

Thanks to Half.com for providing an active example of why it's not advisable to integrate outdated product data into a modern online catalog.  While you're picking up famous vaporware of the last fifteen years from Half.com, don't forget to order Sonic X-Treme for the Sega Saturn, Star Fox 2 for the Super NES, Donkey Kong Racing for the Nintendo GameCube, Castlevania Resurrection for the Sega Dreamcast, and Vectorman for the Sony PlayStation 2.