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Ghostbusters Slimer Edition Is Priced To Move

GhostbustersAmazon.com must have a warehouse full of the limited Slimer Edition of the fantastic Ghostbusters: The Video Game, because for today only the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of the package is priced to move at an astoundingly low $44.99.  Wait a minute... $44.99?  Has Amazon gone mad?  I guess so, because this is the box that was originally priced at $109.99 back in June when it was a new release and comes with the big Slimer statue, Ecto-1 keychain, and other goodies.  Heck, it's worth $44.99 just for the game alone and from what I've read, the Xbox 360 version of the game doesn't suffer from technical bugs like its Sony PlayStation 3 cousin.  Now there's a ringing endorsement!