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Do Not Taunt Club Nintendo Mario Hat

Mario's hat If you qualified for the coveted (and costly) Platinum status for the year over at Club Nintendo and you chose the free Super Mario hat over the free Wii title Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! then you should be receiving your hat any day now.  Zach Carmichael over at Kombo received his recently and has taken the time to share photos of the hat.  It even came with an instruction sheet.  Now that is detailed.

Mario Hat
Handling and Care Instructions

About the Mario Hat
This item was designed to replicate the shape of Mario's hat, and was created specifically for Club Nintendo Platinum members. Please be aware that this item is not designed to function as a hat for practical use.

Please enjoy this item as an interior accessory, a fun item when taking pictures, or to add to your collection of Mario related items.

Handling and Care

Do not machine wash or dry clean as it may result in loss of color and loss of shape. Color may rub off to other materials. Please use care when using hat with white and light colored clothing.

If color rubs onto clothing, please have the clothing cleaned as soon as possible. If the hat needs cleaning, wipe the area that needs cleaning with a damp fabric and dry well. (Color may rub off against the cleaning fabric. Do not use thinner, benzine, or other bleach materials)

Do not pull hard or handle roughly as it may result in damage. Stop using if item becomes damaged.

Never place near heat source.

Do not place under direct sunlight, or in places with high humidity.

Do not leave unattended if item gets damp by elements such as rain or sweat. Air dry in a cool place if it gets wet.

The plastic wrapping that the item is enclosed in may cause accidents. Please store in a safe place or dispose of to keep away from children.


Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball, either.  Zach has decided to keep his hat forever locked inside its plastic packaging so as not to diminish the collector value.  C'mon, man!  You have Mario's hat!  You'll never convince me that you didn't place the hat on your head — plastic-wrapped and all — and jumped once in front of the mirror.