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Xbox 360 Need For Speed Wants To Access PlayStation Store

Need For Speed Shift

Sony's PlayStation Store offers all kinds of neat add-ons and content for various PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable games, but apparently one Microsoft Xbox 360 game is envious of the experience, as the Xbox 360 version of Need For Speed Shift released in the PAL territories has the latent desire to connect to Sony's online marketplace.  It's a nasty glitch in a game that is starting to become known for such things.  FreakBits has the details and a few screenshots of the secret needs of the game in action. There's nothing in the images that I can see that indicate this is the Xbox 360 version of the game on display rather than the PS3 version, but it's more fun to believe that this story is on the level.

When navigating menus today while connected to Xbox Live the game suddenly crashed again. When my rage had subsided and I got a better look at the screen, I was pretty shocked at what I saw.  Was my Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed Shift really trying to access the Playstation Store? Microsoft are not going to be happy about this.

That's a hell of a thing to go wrong.  While I haven't played Shift for myself yet, one of my co-worker friends has gone on and on about the many glitches, errors, and bugs that he's encountered (my "favorite" so far is that sometimes the game does not render wheels, while he gets a laugh out of the ability to upgrade the pistons in a traditionally piston-less engine), although he hasn't said anything about his PS3 version of the game attempting to reach out to Xbox Live.  Meanwhile, while we point and laugh at this logo placeholder error, someone at the Electronic Arts quality assurance department probably has some explaining to do.  This also apparently isn't the first EA cross-platform title to feature such bizarre behavior.  Just how much was Shift rushed to meet its release date?

(via Kombo)