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Project Needlemouse

UPDATE: Talk amongst Sonic fans is that is not connected to Sega.

Yesterday's reveal of a new 2D high definition Sonic the Hedgehog game currently known as "Project Needlemouse" stirred up plenty of reaction online.  In addition to the teaser trailer, there's also a somewhat empty website — — that currently displays some concept art of a golden Green Hill Zone type of environment. There's more to the mystery than just a trailer and some concept art though.  Remember the silhouetted logo from the teaser that resembles the original Sonic the Hedgehog title screen?  Someone out there has seen through the shadows and filled in the darkness with the real image that Sega is not ready for you to see.  Are you ready to be astounded?

Pikachu In A Sombrero

It's perfect!  That's a guaranteed Greatest Hits title right there.  Hopefully there will be some other unlockable hats for Pikachu to wear over the course of the adventure.  Preorder right now from GameStop and receive a free sombrero of your very own.

(via Reddit)