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PTB Commenting Options Expanded

Mario at his PC After launching a new design for PTB last month, I went to work on improving the commenting options that accompany each article.  I've made some changes to the system that should make conversations easier to follow.  Now when you reply to another comment, your reply will follow in a standard conversation thread.  If you comment frequently then you might want to sign up for a free TypePad profile in order to track your comments and replies as well as add your own nifty little 50 x 50 pixel icon next to your name.  Alternatively, you can now sign in to comment on PTB using your Twitter, Facebook, Google or OpenID-enabled account.  Signing up for a profile (TypePad or otherwise) is completely optional, of course.  You're welcome to continue sharing your thoughts in the same way that you always have here.  Let me know if you find anything that looks amiss and I'll see you in the threaded conversations.