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Obsessive Compulsive Mushroom Block Disorder

Mushroom blocks Take a tour through World 6-3 of the Super Mario Bros. 2 portion of Nintendo's Super Mario All-Stars from the classic Super NES era and you'll eventually reach a room full of vases and a few mushroom blocks that leads to a boss battle with the scaly Triclyde.  It would seem that there's a minor bug in that room that causes one particular mushroom block to respawn if moved prior to taking a detour inside a vase, allowing players to generate as many mushroom blocks as one can fit into the room.  Don't believe me?  Check out this video from Lix0r in which Mario surrounds himself with those helpful stackable blocks.

Lix0r has a lot of free time, but what really impresses me here is the elegant music set against the pointless act of stacking mushroom blocks. It's a little something from Felix Mendelssohn that is somehow completely appropriate here.

(via Reddit)