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New HD Wii coming in 2011 [Question Mark]

WiiRumors and speculation about a mid-generation revamp of Nintendo's Wii hardware have been buzzing practically since the console first hit stores in 2006, especially when it comes to the possibility of the next iteration of Wii sporting HD visual capabilities (as you're probably aware, the Wii currently tops out at 480p displays).  The rumors are circulating again thanks to the head of Square-Enix, Yoichi Wada, bringing up the topic and slapping a date on it, but it's all just hearsay until Nintendo makes an announcement.  What interests me here is not the rumor, but the way that the industry is covering the rumor.  CNET's Crave gadget blog is my example here, but they're not the only one to use a headline like "New HD Wii coming in 2011?" which is perfectly accurate, but then the question mark is dropped when the headline is passed on to RSS syndication and URL file names, turning the question into a fact.  "New HD Wii coming in 2011".  Set in stone, see?  And then you see that apparently solid truth in your news aggregator or search results and dive in, eager for the information.  In the end you learn nothing, yet the site enjoys the increased traffic.  My, how deviously innocent...