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Midday Monstrous Turtles Musical Moment

Super Mario World

When presented properly, a selection of video game music can become lodged in one's brain where it will pop up unannounced from time to time.  Some of the medium's most memorable music lives on today thanks to this behavior, but sometimes it's not enough for music to survive through the subconscious mind.  Some music yearns to be improved.  Consider the fortress theme from Nintendo's 1991 classic Super Mario World.  It's a memorable enough tune taken at face value, but leave it to Overclocked Remixer zircon to make it much more awesome.  Behold "Monstrous Turtles!"

This remix was played in the lead-up to the Video Games Live concert I attended in the closing days of E3 this year.  As tremendous as it sounds here, just imagine the effect it had on a crowd of game music junkies when blasted over a proper amphitheater sound system.

(Image via MobyGames)