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Mega Man Music Remixed In The Old Style

Mega Man It was a confusing concept to me at first.  Take some of the best old fashioned Nintendo Entertainment System music that the Mega Man series has to offer and remix it, but use the same styles and chip tune instruments as the original music.  Chip tune remixes of beloved chip tunes, basically.  What sorcery is this?  Capcom and IntiCreates are about to release a CD of Mega Man music remixed in the old style that has been drilled into the brains of a generation of gamers.  Protodude's Rockman Corner has the details.

 "Chip Tuned Rockman" by IntiCreates' III sound team, is a soundtrack devoted entirely to 8-bit, chip tune remixes of various Rockman songs, 20 songs in total. Full track listing and a sample track available here.

The CD will initially be available at the Tokyo Game Show (Sept. 25th), and will see a wide release on October 15th, 2009 for 3,000 yen (roughly $32).

The sample track is actually a compilation of about three seconds of each track from the CD, meaning that you'll most likely hear just enough of a brief snippet of each song to possibly recognize the original source material.  From what little I've heard, this sounds like an amazing idea that I'd love to see transplanted back into the old games somehow.  I'll definitely follow this project.