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Maybe This Whole PlayStation Thing Is Not For You

Geek Squad sets up PS3

In this age of diminishing economies it is understandable that companies want to do everything to squeeze those last dimes and dollars from their customers.  Usually we bristle at being charged for what we perceive to be simple, stupid little add-ons and extras, but these sorts of superfluous services can actually serve a useful function.  For instance, consider Best Buy's generous offer in which you pay the Geek Squad $129.99 and, in return, someone from the store will come to your home and set up your newly purchased Sony PlayStation 3.  Yes, for just 43% of the cost of the new slim PS3, you can have a professional arrive to plug the console into the power outlet, configure the Wi-Fi or LAN connection, update the firmware, create player accounts, turn on parental controls, and create one (and only one) PlayStation Store account.  Now, while this may seem like an overpriced rip-off at first glance, Best Buy is actually offering a very unique service here.  See, if you need to pay an inflated price to get your PS3 out of its box, then perhaps owning a modern game console is not for you.  Kudos to Best Buy for helping customers understand why they aren't cut out for this whole PlayStation thing and are better off spending their would-be gaming money somewhere else.

(via Reddit)