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A Boy and His Blob

The modernized take on A Boy and His Blob is just weeks away from releasing in North America, so it's time for the Majesco / WayForward Technologies hype machine to gear up in order to promote the game.  This Wii title looks to be one of the most adorable games for Nintendo's console, as it features so many cute character moments for the boy and his outer space companion.  There's even a dedicated "hug" button fer cryin' out loud!  4 Color Rebellion has some of the original concept sketches on display that showcase the art style for A Boy and His Blob.  Yes, the sketches are as darling as you'd expect.

Were you aware that Majesco has declared this Blob month? It’s a Fact!

Aside from hyping the approaching release of A Boy and His Blob, this announcement also rewarded us with concept art for the Wii title - the most delicious plum, and something that ALL STUDIOS SHOULD DO!

I really hope that this game lives up to its premise.  From what I played of it back at E3, it's a nice mix of platforming and puzzles, but the character design is the real outstanding element.  I promise that you will melt into a contented puddle when the boy hugs the blob to calm him down from a panic attack.

Additionally, remember about a month ago when I suggested that the preorder incentive for A Boy and His Blob needed improvement?  One of the suggestions I pitched involved licensed jellybeans modeled after the candies found in the game.  Great minds think alike because Majesco has put together limited edition jellybeans to hand out at a promotional event in Las Vegas.  I bet they're tasty.