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Black Wii Remote Japan has been buying black Nintendo Wii accessories for a while now, but now North America can get in on the colorful action this holiday season with a line of black Wii remotes, MotionPlus add-ons, nunchuks, and jackets as well as pink and white DSi systems.  Joystiq seems very excited about it

According to the presser, "The Black bundle is the first new color for the Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus," so let's hope this means a rainbow of colors coming down the pipeline next year. Right now this has nothing to go with, especially since the Wii won't be available in black over here, only in Japan. No mention of new console colors, nor of the blue Wiimote, seen recently at the World Hobby Fair. Will this be a case of having to chase down colors and accessories in different regions?

What's the deal with excitement over different color hardware?  Honestly, I've never understood the fuss over releasing differently colored accessories and consoles, particularly when the different colors are spaced out over the life of the overall hardware.  A console is whatever color it is - black, white, gray, purple whatever - and that's that as far as I'm concerned.  My interest involves what the hardware can do, not what color case it sports.  Have any of you out there been waiting for the white DSi to appear before buying one?  Can you explain the appeal?