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Batman Beyond: Arkham Asylum

Batman Beyond: Arkham Asylum The recently released Batman: Arkham Asylum already contains a rather nifty Batman, but he's not enough for some people.  After all, there have been many other designs for the iconic character that deserve an equal chance to stand with the conventional batsuit.  As it turns out, the PC version of the game allows creative people to tinker with Batman's data files, allowing them to change the batsuit in all kinds of inventive ways.  Would you rather explore Arkham Asylum as the futuristic Dark Knight of Batman Beyond?  Done.  Wish your Batman had the imposing presence of Batman Begins?  Not a problem.  What about the Justice Lord version of Batman from that one episode of Justice League?  We can do that.  Maybe you'd prefer to try pitting Captain America or the Green Lantern against the Joker instead.  The list of ideas (and screenshots) go on and on.

(via Joystiq)