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EarthBound Sure, you've brawled with beloved Nintendo characters in the EarthBound Onett stage of fighting classic Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but have you ever stepped outside of the battle to have a look around town?  A little Brawl hacking allows for complete camera control, meaning that it's time for a casual trip around the 3D version of EarthBound's opening location.  How closely does it resemble its Super NES counterpart?  Did the arcade, Giant Step, and police department make the cut?  Are there garbage cans hiding hamburgers?  What of the town hall?  Take the tour of Onett and find out for yourself.

The layout is a little different, but I'm surprised by how many EarthBound set pieces are hiding in the background where most of us will never see them.  The meteorite on the hill is present, for instance.  There's also an iconic Onett billboard that contains a hyperbolized warning message (in this case, a notice about a black van that speeds through the city and knocks Brawlers out of the ring).  Then there's the arcade where the local gang of Sharks hangs out, the town hospital, plenty of small residential buildings, the Runaway Five tour van visiting from Twoson, and some other small details that I won't spoil.

For the record, here's the map of Onett obtained from the library early in the EarthBound adventure.


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