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Weekly Poll: The Return

Weekly Poll for 7-28-2009Everyone likes to be in the same room when playing video games with friends and family, but I find anymore that if I'm playing a multiplayer game, it's online.  I just don't have the local gaming social circle that most people seem to have these days.  At least I save money on not needing the extra controllers.

I had a little extra time this past weekend and after listening to the Bionic Commando soundtrack last week, I felt the itch to get back into the game and ended up replaying about half of it just to get it out of my system.  I finished the game in June, but now two months later I'm back for more.  This led me to wondering how much time passes between the time that all of you out there finish a game (either completing it or just moving on to something else) and the time that you replay it.  So then, how much time passes before you replay a game?  Let's hear your thoughts.