Kombo Breaker - Episode 41: The PS3 Slim Will Change The Console Landscape!
Xbox 360 Gets A Price Cut Too

Weekly Poll: Slimming Down

Weekly Poll for 8-17-2009 It really surprises me how few of you out there bought Marvel vs Capcom 2 last week.  I know that my audience tends to skew Nintendo-centric (which does not feature a version of the game for sale), but I'd expected a little more interest than this.  Moreover, of those of you who did buy it, most of you bought the empty case version from GameStop.  I'd admonish you for that, but I'm just as guilty of walking to the shop and saying aloud "Yes, I'd like to buy that empty box, please," so I'll just keep my criticizing mouth shut on this one.

The big news story from last week has to be the official announcement of the new smaller and cheaper Sony PlayStation 3.  Is $299 the magic price point for you?  Are you planning on taking the PS3 plunge now?  Let's hear your thoughts.