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Weekly Poll: Marvelous!

Weekly Poll for 8-10-2009It looks like a Nintendo DS version of Super Mario All-Stars would be a hit based on the majority of you supporting a purchase, but I'm one of those who would want some new material added to the greatness of the old.  It wouldn't take much.  I'd be satisfied with anything from the inclusion of a revised Super Mario Land and its sequel to the addition of the e-Reader levels from Super Mario Advance 4 that hardly anybody had the chance to try the last time around.

Speaking of re-released games, Capcom has finally brought the popular brawler Marvel vs Capcom 2 back into the spotlight with updated versions for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.  Have you purchased the new version?  If you went for the PS3 version, did you get the downloadable version or the empty case with voucher from GameStop?  Let's hear about it.